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Basic Painting

Detailed Painting

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Minis can be painted with a varying amount of detail. We have two different styles available; basic painting for the everyday minis, and detailed painting for the centerpieces and showcase minis.

Set Pieces

Set pieces can be decorative or functional. Decorative pieces don't have interactive parts, and most of the time you can't play with the minis in or on them. Functional pieces have components that mix well with gameplay; such as grids or removable sections.

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Map Tiles

Map tiles are modular pieces, with one side's size varying from 3" to 30", and can be made with custom textures. They are a good addition to your other ttrpg accessories for creating a captivating atmosphere.

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Art Dolls

Art dolls are mostly decorative, even though some parts can be posable. The hard parts are sculpted either of polymer or epoxy clay, and the armatures are made with durable aluminum wire. In the semi-posable doll the head, hands and feet are sculpted, and other parts made with aluminum wire. 

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Character Art

Cartoon Style

Comic Style

We create character art in two styles; cartoony and comic. Characters can be drawn from bust up or completely, with varying level of coloring or detail. 

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Cartoon Style

Comic Style

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Digital tokens are .png-images that can be used on digital tabletop platforms, such as roll20. Tokens are always colored and drawn from a top-down view.

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