• Tatu

Midyear Update

Life's been pretty crazy this year, hasn't it? Despite all that, we've been working hard, building our game and our company. Our Instagram account has some casual stuff about our hobbies, and we've launched a YouTube channel with content in the same vein; Minis, crafting, and role-playing games. You can also Tweet at us now!

We've been working on finalising the design scope of City of Trust (since, you know, live playtesting hasn't been feasible), and we've looked at some other projects as well. As pieces of the game get more polished, you can expect some discussion on their design here. I may also use this space to tackle other game dev related topics.

Speaking of, we've moved to a new office! We'll post pictures once we've got everything set up, but you may have already seen glimpses of it on our social media. It's nothing fancy, but we've made it our own.

Oh, and if you're one of the incredible individuals who've supported us at this early stage, come say hi to me on Twitter!



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